About Us

We recognize that the traditional tools investors, CEOs, and managers use to assess the ability of a business to generate revenues and execute strategy are insufficient.

A More Reliable Way To Drive Growth

The QoR3 platform provides investors, CEOs, and management teams with timely and accurate benchmarking data across key areas of business performance, operations, strategy, and organizational structure.

Growth From Improved Operating Performance
Optimize operations to boost revenue growth, improve operating efficiency, and reduce risks.
Holistic View of Revenue Drivers
Evaluate revenue generation across 12 revenue levers, especially the more difficult ones like culture, cross-functional alignment, brand, and scalability of core processes.
Quantify Intangible Assets
Quantify overlooked growth levers such as business process, customer centricity, and speed of execution to unlock new opportunities.
Improve Execution & Accountability
Pinpoint and prioritize the highest ROI/ROA action areas and use the right KPI's to create the optimal revenue operations playbook.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower small and mid-market firms to grow organically by identifying and leveraging key growth levers, quantifying their impact, and implementing advanced revenue operations playbooks.

Meet Our Team of Experienced Operators

We are a team of seasoned revenue operations experts and hands-on operating executives. We've founded, managed, and successfully exited companies. Our team brings real-world experience and has helped over 50 businesses execute more effectively and grow. We understand that the go-to-market landscape is evolving rapidly and execution is difficult. That's why we believe quantifying and benchmarking revenue operations capabilities are key to assessing revenue health, identifying growth potential, and understanding operations risk. 

Managing Partner
Steve Busby
Steve has over 30 years of experience leading companies and developing services that leverage benchmark analytics to drive transformational growth.
Bernard Taracevicz
Bernie is a hands-on operator with expertise in growing VC-funded startups, Fortune 500 companies, and Private Equity owned businesses.
Josh McDonald
Josh is a serial entrepreneur across real estate and technology. He has expertise in helping companies scale their revenue teams, systems, and operations.
Matt Barnett
Matt has over 26 years of experience as a sports and tech executive and attorney advising on strategy, intellectual property, sponsorship and media rights, marketing, and growth.
Board Advisor
Stephen Diorio
Stephen is an established authority in revenue operations, commercial transformation, revenue acceleration, and sales and marketing performance management.

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