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Learn how the Quality of Revenue model helps owners, CEOs, and management teams better allocate growth resources, make more profitable growth investments, take intelligent risks, and create a common purpose across revenue teams.

Accelerate Revenue Operations Alignment

By leveraging proper diagnostics and action planning, company owners and CEOs can begin to address the underlying root causes of stagnant revenues instead of just treating the symptoms.

Realize Latent Revenue
Gain a holistic view of a company’s latent revenue potential by assessing the levers that are causal to revenue growth.
Fix Underperformance
Understand, quantify, and prioritize the root causes of issues related to revenue underperformance.
Get RevOps Alignment
Get a blueprint for knitting together the systems, processes, and operations that support revenue growth and align teams.

The Quality of Revenue Assessment Model

The Quality of Revenue (QoR) framework is a proprietary model that provides visibility into the causal chain of events that leads to revenue growth, future cash flow, and ultimately long-term equity value. It enables a holistic examination of revenue streams, customer engagement strategies, and market positioning, and offers actionable insights that are designed for execution.
A QoR assessment incorporates all of the key elements and “intangibles” of the modern commercial model.

  • The robustness of the core functional capabilities in marketing, product, and revenue cycle management.
  • The alignment of the commercial teams, systems, processes and operations that support the full revenue cycle across people, product, process, and technology
  • The strength of growth leadership and the growth strategy, planning process, and culture they have instilled
  • The maturity of core operational capabilities in pricing, analytics, performance measurement, and customer experience management.
Realize Latent Revenue
Every lower-middle market business has latent revenue potential and can unlock more value by improving the return on their revenue-generating commercial assets. These assets make up a significant portion of a company’s balance sheet.  Evaluating and identifying the specific assets, capabilities, and causal chain of events that lead to revenue growth is widely accepted as a fundamental principle to building enduring companies. QoR offers a proven approach for CEOs to generate more revenue and profits from these growth assets.

Fix Underperformance

For underperforming companies, Quality of Revenue provides CEOs and management teams with a performance improvement blueprint for knitting together the systems, processes, and operations that support revenue growth in ways that generate scalable, predictable, and consistent growth. This approach equips investment teams with the data and insights to make informed strategic decisions, optimize operations, and align investments toward sustainable revenue growth.

Get Revenue Operations Aligned

Growing a business is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor. Any go-to-market strategy has dozens of functions to manage and many more disciplines to master. Organic growth requires all these disciplines to work together in unison toward a common goal - consistent, profitable, and scalable growth. Yet, 80% of CEOs lack direct operating experience in the dozens of go-to-market functions that are directly responsible for generating revenue. QoR lays out a plan that enables companies to generate scalable, sustainable growth and serves as a framework for company-wide management decision-making.

Our company had three consecutive quarters of underperformance. After doing a Quality of Revenue assessment, we identified weak spots, realigned our team, and streamlined decision-making. We're now more confident in our growth capabilities than ever before.

CEO Middle Market Technology Company

Operational Insights, Predictable Growth Outcomes.


The QoR covers growth levers across strategy, culture, business process, human capital, product management, technology, and cross-functional alignment. Benchmarks vs. peer best in class allow our clients to know where they have gaps that represent latent revenue potential. 


Make Ops Improvements that Drive Revenue Growth

Assess operational enhancements in value creation and deals to boost growth, efficiency, and reduce risk.

Quantify Critical Intangible Assets

Evaluate key intangible assets—culture, innovation, teamwork—often missed in financial analyses, which are quantified so they can be managed.

Improve Execution

Pinpoint causes of revenue underperformance, quantify gaps, and create actionable plans with clear KPIs for phased implementation.

Get a Holistic View of Revenue Potential

Evaluate key intangible assets—culture, innovation, teamwork—often missed in financial analyses, which are quantified so they can be managed.

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