Success Story

Diagnosing Top-Line Growth Challenges And Achieving Leadership Consensus To Get An Ed-Tech Company Back on Track

At a Glance

Company Profile

  • Industry: Education, E-Learning
  • ARR: $5M


  • Stagnant top-line revenue growth post-covid (<1%)
  • $2M in incremental revenue potential if addressed


  • Implementation of 12 month roadmap
  • 15% Q/Q top-line growth across digital products

“Our company has not only overcome stagnation but also achieved a 15% quarterly growth rate. I've never been more confident in our company's growth trajectory and our ability to sustainably and predictably drive revenue growth.”
- Founder, CEO

About The Project

The Company specializes in providing resources and services for higher education. They offer online programs, newsletters, conferences, and other products aimed at enhancing student retention, enrollment, and graduation rates. With over five decades of experience, they have established themselves as a platform for thought leaders to share ideas and advice, helping to improve academic outcomes for students and colleges.

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The Challenge


The Company was facing stagnation in revenue growth following its best revenue year in 2020. The company, historically dependent on in-person event revenues disrupted by COVID-19, shifted to digital products with initial success. However, they struggled to sustain this growth as in-person events resumed. Their business model, infrastructure, and revenue generation processes were ill-suited for this new strategy, leading to challenges in diagnosing issues, achieving leadership consensus, and developing a plan for sustainable digital revenue growth.

To overcome growth challenges, The Company partnered with SPP for a Quality of Revenue Assessment, identifying key barriers to their digital product growth. This led to a robust plan to recover $2M in Annual Recurring Revenue. Under SPP’s guidance, The Company executed these strategies, resulting in meeting their financial goals for three consecutive quarters and a track to realize an additional $2M in ARR in the first 12 months. This engagement successfully ended the Company’s stagnation, achieving a consistent 15% quarter-over-quarter growth.

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