Success Story

Mental Health Digital Marketplace
Mental Health Digital Marketplace Receives Investment After 4 years Of Rapid Growth

At a Glance

Company Profile

  • Industry: Behavioral Health, Technology
  • ARR: $10M


  • Early-Stage start up with inexperienced founders.
  • Needed to rapidly achieve $10M ARR to close Series B


  • QoR³ identified inefficient processes between functions, facilitating alignment and execution
  • Achieved consistent month-over month growth to 25x revenue in 4 years

The SPP Team provided insights and proven strategies to our business development processes. Their clear Revenue Roadmap enabled us to rapidly scale our Business Development, Customer Success, and Sales and Marketing Operations teams and achieve our aggressive growth objectives.
- Founder, CEO

About The Project

The company operates a vertical search website that assists individuals searching for mental health or substance use disorder treatment providers. Their website provides verified information about treatment providers and detailed specifics of the type of services offered. Their website is no cost to individuals seeking treatment for themselves or others, and for treatment centers to have a basic profile. Treatment providers can pay additional subscription fees to enhance their profile and generate increased interest in their facility.

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The Challenge


The company was a late-stage start-up with product market fit but founders lacked the experience to scale revenue and secure institutional capital. There were no processes or revenue systems in place to support the customer journey, track performance and results or scale the team. The individual functions like customer success, business development, and sales operations were operating in silos. There was no revenue forecast to manage revenue, quotas, churn, and other key KPIs. All of this contributed to inconsistent revenue growth and a high customer churn rate.

The SPP team started by conducting a Quality of Revenue (QoR³) assessment enabling the development of a comprehensive Revenue Roadmap to forecast five-year revenue goals, determine quotas, correlate site metrics with pricing, and outline overall company growth. The SPP team provided leadership and mentorship to the owners through the build-out of the BD, CS, and Sales & Marketing Operations teams. The SPP team developed and implemented sales processes, systems, and documentation including revenue team management practices for increased accountability.

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