Success Story: Private Equity

Private Equity Firm Augments Diligence and Demonstrates How It Will Add Value for Acquisition Target

At a Glance

Company Profile

  • Industry: Tech & Business Services
  • ARR: $180M


  • Company wanted tangible proof on how a PE Firm would add value
  • PE Firm wanted to use the diligence process to collaboratively shape the strategic growth plan


  • QoR³ identified operating & capability gaps that needed to be addressed to execute the growth strategy
  • PE firm learned that a key component
    of its deal hypothesis was not embraced by the management team
“The Quality of Revenue analysis revealed insights about the management team and go-to-market strategy that we would have missed in our normal diligence process. Plus their ability to bridge the companies’ more nuanced operating needs with our process was essential.”
- Principal, PE Firm

About The Project

A leading mid-market private equity firm was in the process of due diligence to purchase a rapidly growing company looking to further expand its business in North America. The target company was a leading technology and services provider that helps international companies establish a presence and achieve scale in North America. Services include employer of record, payroll, insurance, and benefits and compliance.

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The Challenge


The acquisition target was engaged with a bank to find a capital partner to further accelerate its growth strategy. Of critical importance to the management team was finding a financial partner who could ‘get their hands dirty’ by providing value-added assistance on go-to-market strategy, resourcing, and implementation. The company had signed an LOI, and SPP was engaged by the PE firm to conduct a Quality of Revenue assessment and help demonstrate to the company how the PE firm would be able to rapidly deliver on its promised assistance to partner and assist growth.

Slate Point Partners operated as a seamless part of the diligence team attending management presentations and performing a Quality of Revenue assessment. The bulk of the evaluated materials were accessed via the data room. Interviews were completed with C-level management and function heads over 2 weeks. In addition to the QoR³ scorecard, the deliverables included recommendations on GTM strategy, commercializing the account management function, and the ideal ‘future state’ org chart. The QoR³ identified a critical gap in company management support and buy-in for a component of the investment hypothesis, which was rectified via the findings and recommendation process.

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