The Quality of Revenue Assessment Platform


QoR3 is a benchmark of comprehensive revenue operations performance, similar to Quality of Earnings, but focusing on quantifying intangible assets and how companies operate. QoR3 evaluates essential processes and capabilities for executing strategy and reliably meeting revenue targets.


Assessing Quality of Revenue Provides a Clear, Predictable Path For Realizing Organic Revenue


QoR3 covers growth levers across strategy, culture, business process, human capital, product management, technology, and cross-functional alignment. Benchmarks vs. peer best in class allow our clients to know where they have gaps that represent latent revenue potential. 

Make Ops Improvements that Drive Revenue Growth

Know which operational enhancements with drive value creation across the cycle - and reduce risk.

Quantify Critical Intangible Assets

Quantify overlooked growth levers such as culture, business process, customer centricity and speed of execution, and brand to unlock latent revenue growth.

Improve Execution

Pinpoint causes of revenue underperformance, quantify the gaps, and create actionable plans with clear KPIs for phased implementation.

Get a Holistic View of Revenue Potential

Evaluate revenue generation across 12 revenue levers, especially the more difficult ones like cultural alignment with strategy, cross-functional teamwork, brand and accountability. 

The "3" in QoR3

Quality of Revenue "QoR3" assesses a company's intangible assets critical to revenue generation. The QoR3 assessment quantifies the incremental revenue potential of making operational improvements and identifies operating risks so that managers can make better decisions. That's the power of QoR3.

1: Realize Latent Revenue Potential

  • Inconsistent achievement of revenue goals in the strategic plan
  • Disagreement on root cause issues
  • Lack of alignment with management team & function heads
  • Failure to meet target value creation levels

  • Execution Risk:  Inconsistent execution of strategic plan
  • Operating Risk: Unanticipated process breakdowns/failures
  • People Risk: Lack of skills or true ‘buy in’ and alignment
  • Market Risk: Failure to be operationally prepared  
  • Fundraising: Undifferentiated framework for value creation

2: Identify Risk To Realizing Revenue

3: Scale Faster and Drive Operations Efficiency

  • Post close surprises: culture, people, process, execution, etc.
  • Uncertain ROI/ROA of operational investments
  • Unanticipated expenses related to strategy execution
  • Scale challenges in certain functions
  • Problems with add-on acquisitions

Identify Growth Opportunities Across The Deal Cycle

For Private Investment Firms and CEOs, assessing Quality of Revenue of an asset throughout the deal cycle helps identify meaningful opportunities for growth by benchmarking performance across all the key, yet less tangible, drivers of business performance, operations, strategy, and organizational structure.

How We Deliver Insights

We systematically and objectively assess key business value drivers, providing actionable insights for execution for our clients.

We analyze 50 performance drivers across culture, strategy, business process, alignment, teamwork, execution capabilities, and other critical areas.
Quantify and Prioritize
Our proprietary framework quantifies intangible assets and then prioritizes their implementation based on feasibility and return on investment.
Execution Roadmap
Our team of experts converts the highest ROI areas into multi-year operating roadmaps to drive execution and realize revenue potential.
Experts in Revenue Operations Benchmarking

Discover The Power of The Quality of Revenue

Identify & Bridge Gaps In Revenue Performance